Alarm Systems in Hendersonville

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you feel most secure and there’s nothing more unsettling than someone breaking into your home. Even if the intruder doesn’t steal anything significant, it’s hard to recover from feeling violated.

At Advanced Security Electronics, it’s our job to stop that from happening. Our home alarm systems and home security systems are designed to keep your house, apartment or condo safe from invasion. Add sensors for detecting carbon monoxide, natural gas, fire, and flood, and you’ll be living easy and secure in Hendersonville.

Security System or Burglar Alarm?

The home security industry is bigger than ever in North America. With so many options, it’s more difficult than ever to decide on the right one. All our jobs start with a detailed home assessment and consultation. This allows Advanced Security Electronics to determine your specific needs and the limitations your home or apartment might have.

One of the first questions we’ll ask is whether you’re looking for a burglar alarm or a home security system. Most people get confused: aren’t they the same thing? No, they aren’t.

A burglar alarm is designed to detect an intruder. It’s usually made up of a few sensors placed around your property. These are connected to a central control panel. When the sensors detect movement or vibrations they activate the alarm. In some systems, the alarm will contact your Hendersonville police force; whereas in others, it will alert your alarm system service who will act immediately.

Security systems are more customizable and more complex. They will always include an alarm system, but on top of that, they’ll often include sensors for gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and fires. If you have a large budget it is also possible to integrate closed-circuit video cameras and automated lights. Often these systems will be integrated into a security or alarm system service which monitors your home 24/7. We work with many leading security monitoring companies who typically charge a fee between 20$ and 200$ dollars a month to monitor your home.

Security Installation with Advanced Security Electronics

Alarm system installation services can be easy or complicated; for example, a wired alarm system is probably more secure than a wireless one, but it also means you’ll either have a bunch of ugly, exposed wires, or we’ll have to route them through your walls. Luckily, we are professional low voltage electricians. The job is a piece of cake! But, it will raise the overall cost of your alarm system installation.

Wireless systems on the other hand, can easily be installed. A few sensors will be fixed here and there, outdoors and indoors. They’ll be connected to a control panel that we will program for you. If you have a smartphone we can even set up an app for you so that you can monitor your security system right on your phone!

This barely scratches the surface of the kinds of installations Advanced Security Electronics can do for you. If you’re interested in protecting yourself, you need to call us today! We’re looking forward to discussing all the possibilities with you.