Access & Intercom Systems in Nashville

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the future? Look around, because it’s here! In this age of wireless Internet and smart-home technology, old-fashioned key locks are becoming a thing of the past. With keypad access, smartphone fingerprint access, and more, locksmiths are starting to get worried!

Thankfully Advanced Security Electronics is in the business of door access control system installation. We’ve been installing access systems on Nashville homes for years. With a proven record of excellence, we plan on doing it for years to come. We offer many different types of access systems, each with their own unique features.

Keypad Door Entry Systems

Our classic keypad door entry system is our most popular installation. Perfect for homes with gates, they allow visitors to type in a code to gain entry. The setup is simple and easy to use. Many of our Nashville customers pair these with a video intercom system for the home; so that they can see who’s at the gate from the safety of their home. A video intercom system for your home is a great way to make your property safer and more conveniently accessible.

Fingerprint Access

If you’re looking for that extra level of security, fingerprint access might be for you. This door access system uses advanced biometric technology to scan the fingerprints of anyone who enters; although these are typically used in offices, we’ve installed many fingerprint door access systems in Nashville homes.

Although they can be installed on exterior gates, we also install them inside homes with extremely valuable assets. If you collect art, jewelry, shoes, or anything of high value, a fingerprint entry system could be perfect. Turn an entire room into a safe and protect your personal assets with fingerprint access from Advanced Security Electronics.

Smartphone Access

One of the most exciting innovations in door access control systems is the advancement of smartphone technology. The credentials used to open doors are stored on your phone: simply open the app, type them in and voila! Some apps even integrate fingerprint reading technology; this extra security feature makes your home even more secure.

Video Intercom System for Home

If security is your priority, then it’s important to know who’s at your front door. Many of Advanced Security Electronics’s clients have us install a video intercom system alongside their access control system. With a carefully concealed camera, you can easily see who is trying to gain access.

These can also be integrated into a larger network of video surveillance. From the safety of your home, you can see if any suspicious activity is happening on, or around your property. Up-to-date versions of this system even allow you to stream the video to your computer, tablet or smartphone. That means you can see what’s going on at home when you’re not even there!