Alarm Systems in Nashville

When it comes to securing your home against break-ins and vandalism, you need an alarm system you can trust. It needs to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can’t be messing around with repairs or badly calibrated sensors—it’s got to work all the time.

Avoid becoming another statistic—hire Advanced Security Electronics to install a professional security system in your home. Our trained electricians can install a simple wireless system or route wires through your walls. We can install a complex system of video cameras, or a simple motion sensor setup: it’s up to you. One thing’s for sure: there’s never been a better time to install a residential home security system in Nashville.

A Range of Security Options

Nowadays, even home security systems are customizable. That’s right, it’s not just the interior or exterior of your home that will show off your personality; it’s also the way you choose to secure it. Our home security systems range in price and complexity depending on your needs.

Many of our clients in Nashville are not sure what style or size home alarm system they need. That’s why we do a consultation before every job. This allows us to figure out what will work best for your property. Advanced Security Electronics offers packages that can be built upon. So, you can start small and can add more features if needed.

If you have a large home or apartment, you will also need a large security system; which means more sensors on different parts of your property. Depending on the size, a wireless system might be better for you. If you have a smaller home or apartment, you can probably do with a simpler setup—a few sensors at the entrance to connect the central control panel.

More Than Just a Burglar Alarm Company

Home security is more than just about break-ins and vandalism. It also involves protecting you from carbon monoxide, fire, and floods. We can install a variety of sensors that are integrated into one complete system.

We also work with many leading security firms that offer 24-hour monitoring service. For a relatively small monthly fee, they will keep a close watch on your home. If your system malfunctioned for any reason, they would inform you right away and if there was suspicious activity or poisonous gas leaks, they would contact you and the appropriate Nashville emergency services immediately.

Customer Satisfaction

Advanced Security Electronics strives for customer satisfaction in every job we do because there’s so much at stake with alarm system installations—there’s no room for error. After hundreds of alarm installation jobs, we’ve perfected the trade. Our reputation show that our friendly and knowledgeable technicians always get the job done right on the first try.

If you’re thinking of installing an alarm system in your home or upgrading to a better one, please call us today for a free consultation!