Access & Intercom Systems in Pleasant Shade

Have you ever been home alone and heard a strange knock at the door? Have you ever been too nervous check who was knocking? Have you ever wondered whether there was a way to see who was there without showing your home?

Advanced Security Electronics understands your fears all too well. We know that feeling secure in your Pleasant Shade home is a priority. That’s why we offer door access control systems and video intercom systems for homes. It’s our way of helping you keep safe and comfortable in your little piece of paradise.

Video Intercom and Door Access Systems

These days we practically live through our screens. With TV’s in the living room, tablets in the car and phones in our pocket, it seems like we couldn’t live without them. Isn’t it a little weird that they’re not at all common in-home security systems? We think so!

Advanced Security Electronics aims to change that with home video intercom systems. Not only is the technology readily available, but these days it’s even affordable! We can install a discreet or hidden video camera at the entrance to your home. It will be connected to a central control panel in your house. When somebody comes knocking, you can see who it is before they see you and if you’d like a more advanced version, the video can even be accessed on your tablet, computer or smart phone with the help of an app.

Imagine if you could have both safety and convenience at the same time? For clients with gate entries, we often encourage them to upgrade to a door access control system as well. Access to your home can be achieved by entering a code into a keypad, or by the push of a button from inside. You never need to go to your gate or front door again! For safety reasons, these are always paired with a traditional dead bolt lock.

Wireless Home Intercom Systems

At Advanced Security Electronics we offer a host of other communication services as well. One of our most popular is the wireless home intercom system. These intercom systems are great if you have children or guests in other rooms of your home. No need to call up the stairs for dinner! Just press a button and easily speak to the whole house at once.

For clients with babies or small children, we can also install wireless baby monitoring systems. These allow you to keep an ear out for anything unusual that might be happening in your child’s room and if you’d like to go a step further, we can also install video monitoring. They can even be motion activated, saving you money on energy bills.

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Over the years we’ve built a reputation for being the premier intercom, door access and CCTV (closed-circuit television) installation service in Pleasant Shade. If you’re not sure what you want, just give us a call. We offer free consultations; plus, all the systems we install are upgradable, so you don’t even have to worry about buying the wrong system!