Alarm Systems in Pleasant Shade

Every year millions of homes across Pleasant Shade are broken into. You need to protect your property and your loved ones; it’s not just about theft or damage, it’s about peace of mind. Think about it this way: would you live in a home without locks on the doors? Probably not. A home security system is an extra—but equally important—step towards protecting your little piece of paradise.

There is no security installation service in Pleasant Shade more trusted than Advanced Security Electronics. Not only do we offer a professional guarantee on our installation, security system installation cost has never been more affordable.

Crime isn’t going anywhere: secure your home, assets, and loved ones today.

Burglar Alarms and Home Security Systems

Most people think burglar alarms and security systems are the same thing, but they’re not! A burglar alarm is an alarm that is connected to sensors around your property. When the sensors are triggered, an alarm goes off. Some alarm systems will call your phone or automatically contact the local police; because of its simplicity, a burglar alarm is a cost-effective way to protect you.

Security systems will usually include a burglar alarm as one component and will include warning systems for other dangers like fire, flood, and carbon monoxide. It’s also possible to include closed-circuit video cameras and protection for assets like jewelry or artwork. You can also get a security service provider to monitor your home for a relatively low monthly fee.

Wired or Wireless?

Advanced Security Electronics provides both wired and wireless installation. A wired system means that there are wires which connect the sensors to a central point. Typically, these are installed behind the walls and therefore require a professional electrician to install them. If you have a large home or apartment, this can be a complicated installation process, but it is more dependable because the system is connected physically.

Wireless security systems are great if you’re on a budget. There’s no need to drill into your walls or set up complicated fixtures. Easy to install and set up, alarm systems are a great way to secure your Pleasant Shade home.

What if the Power Goes Out?

This is a common concern for our customers. Imagine if you’re out-of-town and a huge storm knocks out the electricity? You’d still want your home alarm system to be running.

Thankfully our systems come with simple backup plans. Since they do not use very much electricity, they can be powered by batteries.

Many of our customers have opted to go for a green backup plan. They have us install solar panels that will store up energy while the sun is out. This way their home alarm systems are protected just as much as their homes!

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