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Protect Yourself with an Alarm System from Advanced Security Electronics

Your home is your biggest asset. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house or an apartment. A home security system is a vital part of protecting your property. It’s not just your property at stake either. It’s the safety of yourself and your loved ones: don’t take the risk.

At Advanced Security Electronics we believe that you should feel safe at home. That’s why we offer home alarm system installations. With top-notch service and affordable house alarm prices, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied!

Why Do You Need a Home Alarm System?

We hate to say it, but crime is not going away. Even if your neighborhood seems safe, there’s always a chance something could happen. A home security system can protect you from things as simple as vandalism to things as scary as a home invasion.

A lot of people argue that it’s unlikely you’ll be the target of crime, that it’s over the top to get an expensive home alarm system when you’ll never need it. Even if you never have to use it, the peace of mind and sense of security you’ll get will make it worth it.

What Type of Alarm System Can You Get?

It depends on what kind of security system you decide on. The most common one we install, uses one or more motion sensors. These are installed in and around your home to detect suspicious movement.

The motion sensors are connected to a control panel that you can program. You’re not going to want your alarm system to be active while you’re at home because you will trigger it. So, you program the alarm to be active while you’re at work, or while you’re sleeping. We can also program your alarm system for you and then show you how to use it.

For an extra level of security, we can also install vibration sensors in your home. They will detect any sudden vibrations on the exterior of your property.

Another common security system uses video surveillance. Small motion-activated video cameras will be installed around your property. Like the motion sensor, they will trigger an alarm if they detect suspicious movement. The advantage with this system is that it records limited length video footage that can be saved onto your computer. In case of burglary or other crimes, this can be used to identify the invader.

What Is Included in an
Alarm System Installation?

Every job we do starts with a consultation so that we can collaborate and work out the details. We will install your sensors and video cameras in ideal locations. We can program your alarm system so that it is optimized for your schedule. We will do multiple tests to ensure that your residential home security system is properly calibrated.

Advanced Security Electronics’s main goal is customer satisfaction. If you have any questions before, during or after the installation, don’t hesitate to ask. Our cordial staff and expert technicians will be happy to help in any way they can!

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